4-Pack Dimmable LED, BR40 17W High Output (100W equiv), 2700K

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Energy Star label

ENERGY STAR® certified product.

An economical floodlight for elegant lighting. Add brilliance to a favorite office or workspace with this dimmable LED for recessed lighting, track lighting and spotlights. Thanks to a wide beam angle, the natural-feeling light evenly covers larger areas.


ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.


These dimmable BR40 bulbs:

  • Deliver 1400 lumens
  • Easily fit in your current E26 floodlight fixtures
  • Replace 100-watt incandescents & compact fluorescents
  • Work indoors and outdoors in both dry and damp environments
  • Suit many fixtures—from open to entirely enclosed ones
  • Reach far and wide with a 105° beam angle
  • Are available in a 2700K color temperature

Product Warranty: 5 years



How’s color temperature measured?

Color temperature is expressed in kelvin (using the abbreviation “K”), a unit of measure for absolute temperature. When the color temperature is over 5000 K, it’s referred to as "cool-colored" (bluish-white). Lower color temperatures (2700–3000 K) are called "warm-colored" (yellowish-white through red).

These bulbs are available in 2700K.



What’s a lumen?

A light’s brightness is measured in lumens (abbreviated as “lm”). If a light bulb is super bright, it produces a lot of lumens. Because LED lighting delivers more lumens per watt of electricity, LEDs are a more efficient light source than incandescent bulbs.

These bulbs deliver 1400 lumens.



Lifetime hours

This bulb is about 60 percent more efficient than a standard 10,000 hour fluorescent bulb. 



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4-Pack Dimmable LED, BR40 17W High Output (100W equiv), 2700K

Your Price: $27.48