GE Compatibility Checker

Use to determine if a GE thermostat is compatible with your heating and cooling system.
You’ll also get a personalized wiring diagram as part of the process.

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Compatible Systems

Note: Use this table for reference only. For a more definitive answer on your system’s compatibility, please use the compatibility checker above.

Compatibility nest-cooling-78.png
GE Cync thermostat
Natural gas, oil or electric

Single stage heating and/or cooling

Single stage heating with two stages of cooling

Two stages of heating with one stage of cooling

Single stage heat pump with/without AUX heat

Single speed fan

Single stage heat pump with separate single stage furnace heating
(Dual fuel) 1

Single stage heat pump with separate two stage furnace heating
(Dual fuel)1

Two stage heat pump with/without AUX heat

Two stage heat pump with separate two stage furnace heating
(Dual fuel) 1, 2

Humidifier* or dehumidifier 1, 2


Dual transformer systems 1, 2

Two stages of cooling and two or three stage furnace heating 2

Two or three speed fan


PTAC systems

1. At the furnace control board the Cync Smart Thermostat requires standard terminals (R, G, Y, W, C). If you do NOT have these terminals present, it is possible with some re-wiring of your equipment that the Cync Smart Thermostat can be made compatible.
• The Cync Smart Thermostat does not support proprietary features supported by communicating thermostats, such as a variable fan speed. These features will be lost when using the thermostat.
• The Cync Thermostat requires the Rc terminal. If your system only has an Rh terminal, you will need to wire this to the Rc terminal on the Cync Thermostat.

Installation Help

Watch the video for a complete walkthrough of a basic installation.

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If after reviewing the compatibility and installation information, you learn that a Google Nest thermostat will not work for you, please consider the other smart thermostats available at our store.